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Memorable Funeral Services

March 8, 2018

Memorable Funeral Services and Ideas

Remembering your loved one through a personal funeral service gives you, family and friends comfort, helping with the emotional rollercoaster of the grieving process, and gives you lasting memories. A  memorable funeral service, with added personal touches, gives you all a chance to celebrate your loved one’s life and gives you lasting memories that you will look back on forever.

When you lose a loved one it is an extremely stressful and emotional time for you and arranging a funeral is difficult and daunting. It is a time when you are dealing with your emotions whilst trying to think clearly about what your loved one would want, making it a very difficult and challenging time.

Communicating with family and friends, funeral directors, caterers, florists, the wake setting and much more takes a lot of time, leaving you little time to grieve and remember your loved one. It is difficult but very important for you to take some time away from the arrangements to spend time with the ones you are closest with. This gives you the opportunity to remember your loved one together, talk about their life, and the memories you all have. Remember the character of your loved one and how you want to talk about them and their life on their funeral day.

An experienced and compassionate funeral director will help you with ideas for the funeral and give you suggestions for ideas to make it a personal and memorable funeral for you and your loved one’s life.

Arranging a Funeral:

A Memorable Funeral Service could include your loved one’s stories, achievements, hobbies and interests, and a lot of funerals include these as part of a eulogy to remember and celebrate their life. A eulogy is normally read by you, a family member, friend or by the person who is leading the service. When writing a eulogy bring your close family and friends together to think about:

  • What were their achievements in their career and personal life?
  • What were their hobbies and interests?
  • Who and what was most special to them and why?
  • What is your favourite memory of them?
  • What made them laugh?
  • What was their favourite music, song or artist?

You could incorporate photos on the order of service or create a photo slideshow to be shown during the service or wake. Photos make people smile when they see the person with their loved ones happy and contented or, in their earlier years when they might not have known them. Photos will bring back happy memories and brings loved ones together to remember happy times and moments.

When guests are coming into or leaving the funeral service, playing their favourite music or song brings a personal touch to the day and smiles to guests faces.

Personal funeral touches help you to celebrate your loved one’s life as well as help you, family members and close friends to focus on cherishing memories of them.

Ask your closest family members and friends to help and support you with the funeral arrangements. It is really important not to take it all on yourself as it is an overwhelming, tiring and emotional time. Ask others close to you to put together a photo montage or slideshow and to arrange the music you want to be played.

Funeral ideas to consider:

  • A Unique Photo Display
    A unique way for a family to display photos of their loved one is to attach them to balloons which creates a beautiful and memorable atmosphere for the service and wake
  • A Memorial Stone Station
    You can arrange for a table with small stones and permanent markers. Guests can write their name and messages on them to remember your loved one. These can be placed in their favourite place in the garden, in your home or at a meaningful place that they loved after the funeral. These are lovely to look back at and give you comfort when you are grieving
  • Favourite Chocolate or Sweets
    You can pass out small packets of your loved one’s favourite sweets or chocolate during the service and you can tape a message to them thanking people for coming and for their love and support at this difficult time
  • Tree Seeds
    A wonderful way to pay tribute to your loved one by planting a tree in honour of them. You could ask to do this after the funeral service or ask guests to take the seeds with them to plant them when they get home at a meaningful place. It is a great way to remember your loved one as you see the tree grow and flourish
  • A Memory Table
    A memory table is a great way to personalise a funeral.  Memory tables can be set up to represent different chapters in their life, their interests and accomplishments.  You can use different items to reflect on your loved one’s life; photos, certificates, trophies, memorabilia, and much more
  • A Memory Tree
    This is a great way to ask funeral guests to write their favourite memory of your loved one or their personal message and add it to a memory tree that you can take home with you, giving you comfort during difficult times.

Memorable Funeral

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