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What Is A Life Celebration Services?

April 23, 2020

What Is A Life Celebration Services? 



Are you looking to celebrate the life of your a loved one who has recently passed? Well, if so a life celebration service is a perfect option for you. When the day comes where a loved one passes away it can be extremely difficult and upsetting for everyone involved, additionally, pressure starts to build around arranging a final service which is exactly as the deceased would have wanted. 


Life celebration services have become hugely popular in recent years, taking the stress away from your friends and family and simply focusing on the celebration of life. 


Why Chose A Life Celebration Service Over A Traditional Funeral 


A life celebration service is all about caring family as well as the deceased. Visiting a church or crematorium can be very difficult whilst suffering from grief and by choosing a life celebration service you will be ensuring that all of the family members will be gathered in one location where everyone can relax and celebrate life. We believe that keeping the service based in a location such as the Miskin Manor helps us to create an environment where all are welcome to share the lovely memories whilst taking the time to acknowledge the passing.  


Dealing with grief will be one of the most difficult battles in your life, by taking the time to plan a service which is tailored to your families needs will help alleviate the pain and help us all find peace in these difficult time. 


What Makes A Life Celebration Service Special 


There are many aspects that go into a life celebration which makes it special for everyone involved. Firstly, you can choose a personal venue which means something to both family and friends. A peaceful yet beautiful location is extremely important to create a service which is truly unforgettable. The life celebration service allows you and your family to take the time to celebrate the passing of a loved one within their own time and in a manner which is personal to them. Going to a church or crematorium may not be the right option for your family but taking part in a life celebration service you will have a place to reminisce and celebrate such an incredible life. 


Here at CFS Independent Funeral Directors, we are proud to offer the Miskin Manor as a venue for our life celebration services. This tranquil location helps families find peace in these difficult times. 


What Does A Life Celebration Service Consist Of 


A life celebrations service is commonly tailored to meet the specific needs and requirements of your family and close friends. We want to make sure that the service helps to celebrate the life of a loved one in a manner which is respectful. Our services can include both food and drinks along with space for everyone to conversate and discuss emotions. Here at CFS, we make sure that every aspect of the service is perfect, helping you say goodbye to your loved one.


Arranging A Life Celebration Service With CFS Independent Funeral Directors


Here at CFS Independent Funeral Directors, we believe that every life celebration services needs to be made personal every step of the way. Our team will work closely with yourself to help arrange the perfect service down to the finest details. We take pride in the beautiful celebration services we provide and our staff will always go above and beyond to make sure the final service is exactly as you wish. 


In recent months we have seen a great shift towards life celebration services. With over 80% of our services now becoming life celebrations we have had some priceless experience working with people from a range of nationalities, religions and backgrounds, making us the perfect option for arranging your services.

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