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Funeral Director Beddau

July 4, 2018
funeral director beddau

Funeral Director Beddau

When someone you love has passed away, whether it is the first time you have lost someone or you have experienced many losses, it never gets easier. While you and your family are swimming in grief, a funeral director is someone who can offer guidance, support and advice from a unique point of view and with a great level of experience, to help you navigate the period following your loved one’s passing and plan a funeral service that will help you to remember them. Church Village Funeral Services is a local funeral directors, with over 25 years of experience helping people plan beautiful memorials for those they have lost. If you are in need of a funeral director in Beddau, Church Village works across South Wales, offering a dignified and compassionate service to all. To speak to a member of our team, or to see a brochure for our services, contact us on 01443 203966 or complete our online contact form.

A Dedicated Funeral Home

We run a small, local funeral parlour with private rest rooms to allow families to visit with their loved one and pay their respects before the funeral, offering a space to simply be with their friend or family member, without the crowd of mourners that will be present on the day of the funeral, drawing their attention away. At our funeral home, you will be warmly welcomed by our funeral home director and staff, before being shown to the private rest room where your loved one will be waiting. Our funeral home is completely wheelchair accessible, comfortable and modern.

Planning a Funeral Service

funeral director beddauAt Church Village Funeral Services, we will work closely with you to plan a memorial service that meets your requirements. During our first meeting, either at your home or at our offices, we will discuss the funeral arrangements with you, including any bespoke elements you wish to be included, ensuring the funeral ceremony is truly personal to your loved one. We will also discuss with you the type of funeral service you would like, whether it be a Christian funeral service or other religious memorial, humanist or civil funeral service. We also offer eco-friendly funeral services. We have a vast experience planning all different types of funeral service and we can introduce you to a suitable officiant for the service or you can choose one yourself.  

Funeral Costs

We understand, that cost is a difficult factor to consider when it comes to planning a funeral. You want the very best for your loved one, but with the rising cost of funerals in the UK, it can often be a shock to discover how much funerals cost. The average funeral cost in the UK is £4,000 and is expected to rise much higher over the next few years. With this in mind, at Church Village Funeral Services, we aim to provide affordable funerals, with expert funeral packages such as our Simple funeral plans, which cater to those with smaller budgets, while still providing an outstanding, first class service. We can also advise on burial costs and cremation cost, with cremation being somewhat more cost effective than burial, however we do offer cost friendly coffins, suitable for burial to help reduce the costs.

We also offer a range of prepaid funeral plans, for those wishing to reduce any financial burden on their families, by spreading the cost of their funeral over an extended period of time, with options included 0% interest payment plans to help with funeral costs. Prepaid funerals are a great way to give you and your family peace of mind when it comes to funeral expenses.

Speak to a member of our team to find out more about our funeral packages or our funeral pre planning services today on 01443 203966.

Burial or Cremation

We cater for both burials and cremations, offering a range of caskets suitable for either burial or cremation, including eco-friendly coffins. To find out more, or for a list of casket prices, contact our team. We also supply a range of beautiful cremation urns to store your loved one’s ashes, in a range of designs and styles that can be elegantly displayed in the home if you desire. Ask for a copy of our brochure to see our range of funeral urns.

Church Village Funeral Services offers an experienced and compassionate service, helping people through the difficult and often confusing time of planning their loved one’s funeral. Our staff are sensitive and treat every person with dignity and care. If you need us, we are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so please do not hesitate to contact us directly. If you need a funeral director in Beddau, Church Village Funeral Services are here for you. Call us on 01443 203966.

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