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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below for answers to a few of our most commonly asked questions. To speak to a member of our caring, supportive team, email us at enquiries@churchvillagefuneralservices.co.uk or call 01443 203 966.


How Much Does a Funeral Cost?

According to recent statistics by SunLife, the average cost of a basic funeral in Wales is £3,538. This includes the cremation or burial fees, doctor’s fees, officiate fees and funeral director fees. Flowers and the wake are not included in the cost. The average burial cost is £3,934 and the average cremation cost is £3,142. Funeral costs have been steadily increasing and are projected to continue to rise, according to SunLife’s report.


What To Do When Someone Dies

After a person dies, you will need to register their death within 5 days. If they died in a hospital, hospice or nursing home, a doctor will provide you with a medical certificate and your funeral director can liaise with the hospital to arrange transportation for the body. If they died at home, the doctor should be called to verify the death and issue a certificate. The body can then be removed to the funeral home. For more information on what to do once someone has died, the UK government website offers some helpful information.


How Do I Register a Death?

You must register the death within 5 days, usually in the area where the death occurred. Your funeral director can direct you to the appropriate registrar office.

Following the person’s death, a medical certificate signed by a doctor should be provided to you. You will need to take this certificate to the registrar when registering the death. The registrar will issue you with the person’s death certificate and a certificate for burial or cremation. To learn more about registering a death, visit our page.  


How Can I Make Sure My Family Won’t Have To Take Care Of My Funeral Expenses?

If you are concerned about your family having to pay for your funeral, a prepaid funeral plan might be the answer. Offering people the opportunity to contribute to the cost of their funeral, prepaid funeral plans can help save family members from the added grief of being met with high funeral costs. At Church Village Funeral Services, we offer a range of prepaid funeral plans, supplied by leading funeral plan provider Golden Charter. Visit our page to find out more about our prepaid funeral plans in Pontypridd.


How Long After Death Should a Funeral Take Place?

A funeral can take place at any time after a person’s death. However, plans for the body should be made sooner rather than later. Your funeral director will need to contact the authority responsible for the cemetery or crematorium to book a time for the burial or cremation This will usually be several weeks in advance. Funeral arrangements can be made once the date has been agreed on.


What Is a Green Funeral?

At Church Village Funeral Services, we offer an Eco-Friendly Funeral plan. This is the perfect choice for those who are passionate about the environment and sustainability. Our green funeral package includes burial in a natural burial ground in the countryside. We provide eco-coffins which are environmentally friendly and biodegradable.


How Do Prepaid Funeral Plans Work?

With a prepaid funeral plan, you can spread out the cost of your funeral over an extended period of time. Choose the funeral package you want, and only pay the amount that it would cost at the time you take out the plan, regardless of whether the price increases. To find out more about prepaid funeral plans in Pontypridd, visit our page.  


Can Someone Be Buried At Sea?

Sea burial is legal for any person. But you must get a licence from the Marine Management Organisation first if you wish to bury someone at sea. This will usually cost around £175. A doctor’s certificate will be needed to prove that the person is free of fever or infection. It is also wise to first inform the coroner. There are also limitations on where at sea the person can be buried. To find out more, read this article on sea burials from the BBC.


Can I Get Help With Funeral Costs?

Funeral Expenses Payments are available from the UK government to help with funeral costs. Those who receive certain benefits or tax credits may be eligible. You must also be closely related to the deceased and the funeral must be taking place in the UK. The payments can help to cover burial or cremation fees, travel to the funeral, the cost of moving the body and death certificates. For more information on payments and how to claim, visit the government’s website.


Where Can Cremation Ashes Be Scattered?

For the scattering of ashes, there are no strict rules. However, if you plan on scattering ashes on private land or in any waterways, it is important that you first request permission from the landowner. The crematorium will usually have a garden of remembrance where ashes can be scattered if you so choose.


How To Arrange An Obituary

To arrange an obituary, you should speak to your funeral director. We advise that the draft for the obituary should be submitted at least a week before the funeral. At Church Village Funeral Services, we can assist with drafting funeral notices if you need. Find out more by visiting our page.


How Do Funeral Arrangements Work?

After someone has passed away, you should get in touch with a funeral director of your choice. You can either visit their offices, or they may be able to visit you if you can’t get to them. During the visit, they will talk to you about your wishes for the service. They will explain the funeral planning process and go through the funeral plan options available as well as offering advice on registering the death.

Your funeral director will be able to start making arrangements once you have agreed on a plan and the elements you want as part of the package. They will book the time and date for the service with the cemetery or crematorium and can submit an obituary to the newspapers if you choose this option. You will most likely meet with them once more before the funeral to go through final details. Your funeral director should always be available should you need to discuss anything with them. At Church Village Funeral Services, our lines are open 24/7.


What Is Involved In a Funeral Package?

At Church Village Funeral Services, we offer several funeral packages, suitable for different budgets. All of our plans include transporting your loved one from hospital to our funeral home, a coffin of your choice, a funeral car from the funeral home to the cemetery or crematorium and staff to assist on the day of the funeral. To find out more about our funeral packages in Pontypridd, visit our page.


Do You Supply Hearses?

We own and operate a fleet of traditional black hearses and limousines for transporting the deceased, family members and funeral officiant either from home or our funeral home to the cemetery or crematorium and to the wake if needed. All our vehicles are fully valeted before each funeral service. Find out more about our funeral cars and hearses here.


Do You Supply Funeral Flowers?

We do not include funeral flowers as part of our funeral packages. However, your funeral director will be able to recommend florists to you when making the funeral arrangements. For out Traditional Funeral Package, we do supply flowers for the coffin only.



If you require more information on any of our services, or have further questions, please contact us on 01443 203 966. We are available 24/7. For a caring and compassionate funeral director in Pontypridd, get in touch today.