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How Has Storm Dennis Effected Pontypridd? 

February 20, 2020
Flooding Pontypridd


Pontypridd, a small town known for its rich history and welcoming locals has now become one of the worst affected places in Wales as a result of storm Dennis. Located alongside the River Taff, Pontypridd was flooded extensively when the river finally broke its banks. The flooding was at its worst on Sunday evening but there is still no certainty of when the rainfall will stop and life can return back to the norm.  

Why Was The Flooding So Bad In South Wales?


Only to be described as the perfect storm, Dennis delivered a months rain in just 48 hours. This lead to the rivers being filled past capacity bursting their banks and causing havoc on the homes and businesses located alongside the river. What didn’t help the situation was that a storm named Ciara came just less than a week before, with next to no time for the rivers to cope with this heavy demand for water, storm Dennis came along and delivered more rain than anyone predicted resulting in huge amounts of flooding and homes and businesses surrounding the river being destroyed? 


What Were The Effects On Pontypridd? 


South Wales Police declared this event as a “major incident” when a number of landslide and flooding cases were reported to the police. Many become trapped within their homes and vehicles in fear of this extreme weather. Pontypridd was effected one of the worst when the river burst its banks it flooded nearly everything. Shops, homes and vehicles were all destroyed when the water hit and the effects are even apparent as of today, nearly a week after the storm. The rainfall was particularly heavy throughout Pontypridd and many other locations throughout South Wales, this resulted in theses areas being the worst affected by the flooding. 


How Did The Storm Affect Homeowners? 


For those who lived along the bank of the River Taff, flooding came in the middle of the night on Sunday. A rude awakening is an understatement. Just imagine coming downstairs to your sofa floating in the living room, all your electricals ruined and the entire of the downstairs of your property filled with water.  Not only would this be a very costly incident, but many will also be emotionally damaged as most of the family favourite photos and other sentimental possessions are destroyed beyond repair. The family home that your kids were raised in, now at mercy to the floodwaters caused by storm Dennis. 


How Did The Storm Affect The Businesses? 


A high street that was once filled with happy shoppers is now knee-deep in floodwaters. When the flooding hit the small town of Pontypridd all the businesses were affected, creating thousands of pounds of damage, every business owner fears if their business would ever recover this tragedy. The local bookies had to be one of the worst affected, tens of thousands of pounds of equipment was demolished by the floodwater, but as this bookie is a part of a chain brand there is no doubt that this business will recover. 


The truth is that independent local businesses will be the worst affected. This being because they will not have the financial support behind them to get them back up and running. Many of these local businesses were built from the ground up, these businesses were their lives so its no surprise when you see how defenestrated these businesses owners are when watching the news stories. We can only pray that these locals have the correct insurance policies in place to help them to recover the costs created by storm Dennis. 


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