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Coffins & Caskets Pontypridd

Choosing the correct coffin or casket for your individual needs can be a very difficult choice. This process may be very unfamiliar to you. Especially if you have never lost a loved one before. Here at church village funeral service, we stock an extensive range of high-quality coffins & caskets. We can also guide you through the entire coffins & casket choice process. Offering helpful and relevant advice to help ensure that your coffin or casket matches your specific needs. We can also guide you through the entire funeral plan process if you have not already arranged one.

We stock an extensive range of traditional veneer coffins in a range of colours and styles.


We stock an extensive range of traditional coffins & caskets and also offer a range of colours and styles. The coffins & caskets we supply also come in a range of materials. We can tailor the coffin or casket to your chosen funeral plan. We have a huge range of coffins & caskets manufacturers that we can order the coffin or casket in from, this is if we do not have your desired design or style in stock. All the coffins & caskets we stock are made from only exceptional quality materials. This ensures that your coffin or casket will be exactly as you wish.

All coffins include a nameplate, six handles, full lining and appropriate fixtures and fittings.


All the coffins & caskets we provide are of extremely high quality and have exceptional aesthetic appeal. We only source coffins that we feel that our customers would desire. We also only source coffins & caskets from the most reputable brands this is so we can ensure they are finished to the highest possible quality.

All the coffins & caskets we offer here at Church Village Funeral Services come with a range of features. This helps to ensure that the coffin & casket is completely personalised and fit for your funeral needs. Including a nameplate, this is a very personal touch that can be done to a coffin & casket. All of our coffins & caskets come with a nameplate. All the coffins & caskets we offer also come with six handles and lining. This is so that the coffin or casket can be easily transported and also an open casket funeral can also be an option.

The team here at Church Village Funeral Services will always offer friendly and helpful advice. The advice we offer helps with deciding on what coffin & casket is best for your individual needs.

The traditional Coffins we stock are constructed out of the highest quality wood.


Our solid wood range is usually supplied in high polished oak. The coffins can be purchased with an “antique oak” or “mahogany” stain. All of our solid wood coffins are special orders and therefore there are more options to personalise coffins from within this range. The traditional coffins that we stock are very classic and are perfect for all funeral needs. The traditional coffin range we stock look exceptionally beautiful when topped with flowers.

We Can Provide Coffins & Caskets Suitable For Cremation


Caskets can be supplied in either solid wood or veneered wood and can therefore be considered for a burial or a cremation service. We can advise you on which caskets are suitable for cremation.

The traditional coffin range can be sourced in many materials. The team at Church village funeral services will advise you on which are suitable for cremation.

We can supply an extensive range of coffins & caskets to suit all budgets. If you require a coffin or casket call us today and we will support you through the entire process.