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We have a range of manufacturers and suppliers of eco-coffins. These coffins are supplied to order and are normally with us within two working days of us placing the order on your behalf. Coffins are made in a variety of shapes and from a wide range of natural materials. All of our range of eco-style coffins are suitable for burial or cremation. If you would like to find out more about the eco coffins we offer or would like to request a brochure and we will be happy to guide you through our services. Call the friendly team today on – 01443 203966


Expert Advice And a Wide Variety of Eco Coffins


We specialise in offering our customers a pleasant experience when picking the eco coffin best for your needs. Customer service our is our specialty here at Church Village Funeral Services. We are one of the most experienced funeral directors in the Pontypridd area. We are experienced in dealing with customers who have never had to decide on a coffin before. We value our customers and will go above and beyond to ensure that the coffin you decide on is perfect for your funeral plan.

We believe that everyone should choose a coffin for themselves or a loved one that expresses that person’s individuality be it traditional or more alternative. Pre paid funeral plans are also available here at Church Village Funeral Services, this is so you are able to pick your desired funeral plan including your coffin.

This selection illustrates some of the hundreds of designs available to choose from. We are experienced funeral directors with an extensive range of coffin manufacturers to choose from. This will ensure that you have the perfect eco coffin for your specific requirements. The coffins that we source are suitable for a range of funeral plans.


The Eco Coffins we Supply Are Fully Biodegradable


The eco coffins we supply are environmentally friendly as they are 100% biodegradable. It is important to take the environmental impact we have on our planet into account when arranging a funeral plan. We offer a range of eco coffins to ensure that we give our customers a eco friendly option when deciding on the coffin for their loved one. Here at Church Village Funeral Services we are industry experts and will provide the perfect eco coffin for your funeral plan.


The eco coffins we offer are very high quality


The quality of the coffins we offer is something that we take extremely seriously here at Church Village funeral services. We only offer the best coffins for our customers. The wide range of coffins we offer includes traditional coffins as well as eco coffins. We are one of the leading funeral directors in Pontypridd and have years of experience in offering elegant coffin options. No matter what coffin option you decide is best you can have the peace of mind that it is being sourced from a reputable brand. We can also assure you that all the coffins we supply are of exceptionally high quality.

The extensive range of eco coffins we supply come in a range of materials. Not only are the eco coffins 100% biodegradable but they are very elegant and perfect for a range of funeral plans. We are a locally owned business who take pride in offering the best coffins for our customers. If you require a eco coffin in the Pontypridd area call one of our friendly and helpful team today.

We are happy to offer you further advice and guidance on the range of eco coffins we offer. If you are interested in eco coffins simply call our friendly team today on –01443 203966