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The Most Beautiful Celebrity Funeral Services

February 19, 2020

Arranging the dream funeral service is a lot more complicated than you would expect. One of the largest factors affecting the arrangement of the funerals service is the budget. We all want to give out loved ones with the send-off they deserve but unfortunately, a budget can really limit the ideas that we have in mind. Imagine a funeral service with no budget, what would it look like? Well, we have gathered some of the most memorable celebrity funeral services which have taken place in recent years. 


Princess Diana


Definitely a moment that shocked the world, the death of Princess Diana was a huge tragedy that opened our eyes to how suddenly everything can change. As a member of the British royal family, this had to be one of the most magnificent funeral services which had ever taken place. Vibrant flowers paired with the whole nations undivided attention created a worthy funeral service for one of the most beloved princesses that ever stepped foot on the earth we live on today. 


Elvis Presley


The king of rock and roll. Elvis Presley truly shaped the music industry with his unforgettable music. Even to this day, Elvis has many die-hard fans that look back on the day he passed away like it was yesterday. When watching the footage back today it has a very traditional and vintage look to it, the reason for this was because this service was back in the late 1970’s one thing that doesn’t change is the memory that this day left for the music industry. What struck me about the service was the immaculate convoy of white vehicles, definitely not your standard funeral service, but why would the king of rock’s funeral service be standard. 


Nelson Mandela


A man who carved his name into history with heroic actions and a fearless face when he went to hell and back for the belief in. As the burial service only took place back in 2003 this was a service which was documented in all the glory that it deserved. This is a moment that brought together South Africa in perfect harmony to celebrate the wonderful life he created for so many. With so many incredible singers and musicians at the event, the atmosphere created was truly memorable.   


David Bowie


A musician who was easily one of the most influential singers and songwriter in the 20th century. David Bowie had a huge variety of songs which are known throughout the globe for being very unique yet hugely iconic. Unfortunately, he did not have a common funeral service with flowers, family and friends gathered by his side. After his death, the body was directly taken to the crematorium and he was cremated without any of his family and friends being present. In a way, there is something very special about not having a funeral service and leaving your music as the way people remember you. 


Steve Irwin


A zookeeper, wildlife conservationist, a hero, these are just a couple of the titles that you may have given Steve Irwin. His final service was simply one in a million, taking place at the place where he spent most his time, he had a memorial service within the zoo. Definalty a suitable location as this was a place that meant so much to him. What made this service so special was the fact that three of his favourite elephants were brought out during the service. The elephants were then fed in front of everyone who gathered at the service. This service was extremely special on so many levels due to the great personality the service had. 


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